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Living Magazine – the heart of your community

Living Magazine group publishes a monthly community magazine covering the area of Flintshire. We hand deliver over 6,000 copies free of charge to homes in this area. The full colour magazines bring together local businesses and the local community. Advertisements and features on a wide variety of local businesses provide readers with an up to date and manageable reference guide of events, services and businesses in their area.The magazines also provide a wealth of local interest articles, editorial and information to capture and maintain the attention of our readers. Our market research tells us that people look forward to receiving their magazine and they use it for reference over the course of the month. We include regular features on family, home & garden, fashion, health & beauty and travel amongst others. There are also special contributions from church and spiritual leaders.Our website provides an opportunity to comment on our articles, online copies of all recent magazines and a comprehensive local business directory.

We always love to hear from you whether about the magazines, the website or any local issues or subjects you think we ought to cover. Please get in touch because it is only through contact with our readers that we can truly be at the heart of your community.



Living magazine is not associated with Ocean Marketing in any way. If you are contacted by them demanding payment – DO NOT PAY